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Decision on fixing the construction site

When the existing structure is not determined building plot or land necessary for the regular use of the building, dividing up of land construction land will be conducted in accordance with the decision on establishing the construction site.

Decision is made based on the physical planning documents and special regulations and in accordance with the rules of the profession.

Solution can bring, the building plot to determine:

- If you are on the same site katastarskoj built two or more buildings that building, functional or technical-technological entities are not,

- If the construction was built on the site katastarskoj whose size is bigger than the surface area necessary for the regular use of the building or when the existing parcel is such that it can not be land necessary for the regular use of the building which was built on it,

- And for the construction of permanent housing built without a building permit or other appropriate acts, if built in accordance with the spatial plan.

Process of determining the construction site started writing requesting party (the applicant) along with proof of legal interest, which is the regional Department of Planning under the area where construction for which the required fortification construction site or land for the regular use of the building. Request should also enclose the appropriate special cadastral surveying background particles, extract or copy excerpts from the cadastral plan, and proof of legality buildings (existing buildings in terms of this Act), or an architectural shot derivative status for illegal structure built for permanent residence. Request a taksira with 70.00 kn state mark.

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